The Soulpreneur Journey

I believe as women soulpreneurs, answering

the call to Spirit begins our healing journey, and

if we choose to embrace the journey, there are gifts

to support us sprinkled along the way.

Cheryl Kane - Soulpreneur Guide

Release the Past | Realize Your Vision

What would it feel like to be able to navigate your emotions gracefully, and no longer feel like your future is being sabotaged by your past? What if you could reclaim your power, and discover the courage to face your healing journey head-on, while clearing out the limiting beliefs that are holding you back? 


Rediscovering The Connection

I was feeling adrift and disconnected from the world, my feelings, and myself. After working with Cheryl and going through an Inner Fire Healing, I was able to ground myself and regain a sense of connection with both my feelings and my spiritual nature. As a direct result of her coaching, I felt my tension and my pain both lighten. I was able to pinpoint issues that were blocking my body's ability to heal itself, work through those issues, and come to a place of calm self-awareness. I am once again able to center myself and remember to take time for myself each day in order to maintain my connection to the warrior woman inside me, to nurture her, forgive her when necessary, and work with her to sustain my inner sense of the spiritual, my connection to the earth, and my own emotions.

Taylor H.


I'm Cheryl Kane


I’m a highly intuitive spiritual & energetic life coach who helps spiritual women who are fiercely committed to creating a life for themselves helping others.


Gently & clearly, I help you learn how to navigate the 2-fold path of the soulpreneur: letting go of the past while working towards your future.


I believe the journey of the soulpreneur is more than simply learning how to build and run a business. If you are being called to sacred leadership, it is a part of your healing journey.


Let's find out if we're meant to work together to see what we can accomplish together. Schedule a no obligation Getting to Know You Call

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