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Bridging the gap between technology & Spirit so you can make the difference in the world you were born to make...

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Breakthrough Session

Get support with where you are now & clear recommendations so you can focus on what matters.


DIY Website Guide

The ONLY 6 sections you need to create a simple yet effective webpage you can feel proud to sent potential clients to.

FREE Guide!
Elevate Your Facebook Profile

3 Steps to Elevate your Facebook Profile so you can stand out in the crowd.


Claim your spot on the internet with a full business presence on Facebook. Create a simple website that lets people know who you are, what you do, and who you are here to help, with online booking. Grow your list and send newsletters. Get signups and send automated emails to attendees, and so much more!


From de-mistifying

Facebook & email marketing (what is an autoresponder anyway?) to creating landing pages & opt-in freebies, even creating a blog! Learn common best practices for subject lines, landing page structure & what makes strong content, all while accomplishing

your online goals.


Tech can be overwhelming. Often times it just takes diving in knowing someone has "got you" in case you get stuck. Working together, you will get your tech tasks done & feel excited about doing it. You'll have the sense of satisfaction that comes from doing it yourself AND you'll feel more confident about tackling things on your own.


You don't need complicated funnels or expensive platforms to grow your
soul-based business online.

A simple webpage, online booking & payments, a way to nurture your leads is all you need to fill your practice with the people you are connecting with on social media.

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A simple web page

You don't need a fancy website when you're just starting out. A simple webpage with key sections will get  the job done.

email marketing

Growing your list  doesn't have to be stressful! Get setup on an easy to use platform that will be free to use up to your first 1000 subscribers.

online scheduling & payments

Get setup on a free to use booking platform so you can easily book consults with potential clients and easily collect payments when they say "yes!".

Clarity, coaching, & more

Lost in niche soup? Unsure of your messaging?

Stalled by self-doubt?

Feeling frazzled by Facebook? I can help you with that too! 


"Feed a soulpreneur a fish she eats for a day, teach her how to fish and she'll eat for a lifetime."

As a soulpreneur, it is in your nature to want to do it all yourself. At the same time, the amount that needs to be done -- and learned in order to do it -- can feel extremely overwhelming!

Even if you're inclined to hand it off to someone else, there is often the uncertainty of who that "right person" is. Finding someone who gets you AND gets the tech can be a challenge. 

That's where I come in! As a sister soulpreneur, I am able to connect with you on the soul level; as a teacher, coach, and geek I can help you take your business online so you can leverage to opportunities technology offers to help you bring in more clients and see your practice thrive.

There are a lot of moving parts to running a business online and a lot of decisions to make for each of them.

You need quick solutions that support where you are now so you can focus on what really matters: connecting with people who become your soul-aligned clients.

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your next steps
breakthrough session

Get clear recommendations to ease your tech frustrations

so you can move forward in your business.