The 2-Fold Path of the Soulpreneur
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"Most of us have two lives: the life we live

and the unlived life within us.

Between the two stands Resistance."

Steven Pressfield from "The War of Art"

I was struggling with not feeling good enough, worrying that I was going to be inadequate. I felt plagued by lot of "what if's", that I don't have anything to say that's really going to help anyone. What if I can't deliver? This created a lot of fear and resistance for me, so much so that I could not even do the work to promote and grow my business. I really felt stopped in my tracks. 

After my session I could feel there's been some healing and clearing out of old patterns and false beliefs. I feel like that part of me that was wounded and afraid is more integrated and a part of me now so that I can continue to clear it out. Now I feel more confident and comfortable around moving ahead and using my voice.

The Warrior Heart Practice is such a helpful framework to go in and unravel some deep patterns and beliefs. It helped me forge a bond with my inner knowing to help counteract old patterns and beliefs. It's become my go-to tool to use when fear & self-doubt come up. I can go back to the truth I've uncovered - it's a really powerful things to remember what's true.

Cheryl is such a beautifully skillful guide. She kept me grounded and held the vision and space for the work. The grounding meditation, her voice and energy really facilitated the process. She is rock solid. I felt held and safe in her solid container.

Risa G / Relationship Coach for Women in Mid-Life

The Antidote to Overwhelm

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