A Different Approach

Tackle the Tech|Learn the Ropes|Feel Empowered

There are a lot of wonderful Virtual Assistants and Social Media Marketing freelancers who would love to take the burden of the tech off your hands. For many women entrepreneurs, this is a great solution!

But for the soulpreneur it's more challenging...


Your business is coming from a spiritual place - your languaging, your priorities, even the way you think is just, well, different! This reinforces your "do it yourself" attitude because the work you do is so personal. 

For this reason I offer the "do it together" model where I support you while you tackle the tech.


Working together you will also learn the ropes - everything I've studied and learned over the past 2.5 years about copywriting, subject lines, landing pages, email marketing, even Facebook Ads.


You will benefit from my experience as the Technical Trainer and Knowledge Engineer for Logitech, Inc., as well as my experience as a certified spiritual life coach and shamanic energy coach.

I'm really passionate about helping you feel empowered to tackle the tech, have a better understanding of the different elements of growing your business online, while enjoying the sacred journey of a woman soulpreneur.


Hi! I'm Cheryl Kane, The Soulful Tech Genie

When I sold my 18-wheeler so I could create a business in alignment with my soul’s purpose, I knew I would be building it online because my time as an over-the-road truck driver left me with few local connections with which to build my spiritual life coaching practice.


As a very spiritual business woman with strong geek tendencies, I was fascinated by all the possibilities technology was offering. I threw myself into learning everything I could about growing a soul-based business online, becoming a total sponge for modern marketing while rediscovering my love for language and words. As I sorted through the huge amount of conflicting information available — and the complicated systems being promoted as guarantees for success — I started developing my own opinions on how to go about growing a soul-based business online.

As a business owner and soulpreneur not well versed in Facebook, I reached out to Cheryl after seeing how she was supporting other women like myself who needed help understanding how the online world works.

 I now feel more confident about how FB works and I am excited to be able to navigate it with more ease and lessen intimidation! 


Thank you Cheryl for your care and support in helping me to better understand and embrace this incredible tool to build my business and connect with others.

Frances H

Drawing on both my experience as the Technology Trainer & Knowledge Engineer for Logitech, Inc., and my training as a spiritual and energetic life coach, I help my clients learn the basics of growing a soul-based business online while overcoming their challenges with technology so they can create a life for themselves helping others while enjoying the journey of the soulpreneur.

I like to spend my free time playing guitar and singing, or getting in the wind on my motorcycle. I'm a Sagittarius with a 3rd House Sun, Libra Moon in the 2nd House and Virgo Rising. I have 2 rats named Xena & Gabrielle and I'm known to cry during superhero movies.