Emotional Freedom

Feeling Our Feelings

The hardest part of healing is also the messiest part: the part where we have to allow ourselves to FEEL. But how do you do that when you're afraid that if you let even one emotion in, they will all come rushing in at once and you'll drown in a flood of emotions, unable to pull it together enough to be functional when you need to be?


If you're like most of us, you end up shoving them all down so you can carry on with life. You get really good at functioning on the outside. Meanwhile, on the inside you’re both numb and hurting at the same time; weighed down by your emotions, yet unable to cry. You just want to feel like yourself again.

Breaking Free

What if there was a really simple process to create some space between the emotions and feel held and supported as you sorted through them in a way that makes them less scary and intense AND gets you some relief? A process that not only helps you process & release difficult emotions such as grief, shame, anger, and betrayal; but also helps you return to your authentic self?

The Warrior Heart Practice

The Warrior Heart Practice is potent process for transforming confusion into clarity and pain into peace. As a certified Warrior Heart Coach, I will guide you through the process and help you stay with yourself to gain the most benefit from the practice. 


After just your 1st session you will:



  • Feel more at ease around your emotion(s), setting the stage for release

  • Have more clarity around the situation and what you’re feeling so you can focus on what you need to move forward

  • Reconnect with your inner knowing and your sense of self



This self-inquiry process is something you will then have in your tool bag to support you in your healing journey.

Inner Peace

Losing the Connection

One of the biggest casualties from a toxic relationship is our connection with our sense of self. You become disconnected from your center and no longer operating from who you truly are on the inside. Instead, you are operating from a place of fear and scarcity; easily overwhelmed, unable to relax and simply be. You go to bed exhausted, wondering where the day went, and struggle to get a good night’s sleep.


This is such an exhausting place to be! In the morning you summon all your warrior strength, shoving down the exhaustion and anxiety just so you can function — and perpetuate the cycle.

Breaking the Cycle

We all have a place of calm stillness inside us called our heart center; the place of our authentic self. We carry it with us always and it is the source of our connection to self. By developing the practices that support coming home to our heart center, we can begin to reset our energetic body and no longer struggle to be present. Coming "home" becomes our sanctuary.

Coming Back Home to You

Together we will help you return to your authenticity while at the same time resetting your energetic body so that you can:

  • Find the calm in any storm

  • Feel more at ease and able to just sit and be with yourself

  • Be more present in your body and with your life


You will be able to slow down on the inside and have the energy & motivation to do the things you love.

Lasting Transformation

Feeling Powerless

The most common question we ask ourselves after breaking free of a toxic relationship sounds something like this: “What is wrong with me that I would allow myself to be treated that way?!”. Along with the confusion, the heartache, the anger, and betrayal, we are struggling with shame. 


This pervading thought and the associated shame complicates the healing process, but it is also the way through to feeling whole again.

You Are Not Broken

Many women have shared with me that they felt broken and powerless. The truth is, you are not broken. Your relationship with yourself is compromised, likely a result of a difficult or even painful past. When our relationship with our self is compromised, we tend to abandon ourselves and give away our power.

Returning to Right-Relationship with Yourself


Through a combination of ancient wisdom including the Warrior Goddess teachings, you will come back into right relationship with yourself by:


  • Releasing limiting beliefs that cause you to give away your power.

  • Letting go of behaviors & patterns that are keeping you stuck

  • Reclaiming your voice so you can learn to stand your ground


You will become your staunchest ally and your own best friend, discovering the woman you are meant to be.

Getting To Know You

Let's Visit!

Healing from a toxic relationship is so much more difficult than regular breakups. Let's spend an hour together exploring how we might work together to help you get free of emotional pain and feeling like yourself again.


This call is free and there is no obligation to sign up for anything. It's simply an opportunity for us to discover if we are meant to work together.  


Book your Getting to Know You call with me here.

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