The Warrior Heart Practice

From Confusion to Clarity and Pain to Peace

"When we take the path of the warrior heart, we learn to sit with our feelings and identify them, not judge them or push them away. We face them fearlessly, and in doing so begin to uncover the stories we tell ourselves about those feelings." - HeatherAsh Amara


The Warrior Heart Practice is a beautifully simple, yet potent process for working through and releasing our emotions. It works for immediate day to day emotions as well as the bigger emotions around major life events or trauma.


It even works for going back and healing old wounds that never truly healed.

Through this practice I have been able to break free of feeling like a victim after an emotionally damaging relationship, release old emotions around traumas as an adult, and even heal the emotional wounds from my childhood.

Based in the Toltec teachings, and echoing the four chambers of the heart, the Warrior Heart Practice helps you learn how to sit with your emotions without trying to justify, fix, or explain. It provides a clear pathway for separating the story you're telling yourself about your feelings from what you are actually feeling so you can gain clarity on what the truth around the situation really is, then deciding what you want to do with your new-found perspective on the situation.

Through the Warrior Heart practice, you’ll be able to release the weight of your past traumas & experiences so you can truly heal. You will be able to quickly clear out old beliefs & reactions that no longer serve you so that you can get back to the truth of who you truly are.

Warrior Heart Sessions

I am a certified Warrior Heart Coach & Facilitator, trained by HeatherAsh Amara to guide clients through the practice. Working with a guide can facilitate deeper healing and internal shifts to help you find freedom from emotional pain and reclaim your sense of self. 

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in the spin cycle of your stories and emotions, spending a ton of energy and exhausting yourself while feeling like you're not getting anywhere?

Schedule a a Warrior Heart Session to experience for yourself this potent process can help you get from confusion to clarity and pain to peace.

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Do you ever feel like you're stuck in the spin cycle of your stories and emotions, spending a ton of energy and exhausting yourself while feeling like you're not getting anywhere?

Discover a simple a gentle process for separating your stories from your feelings and getting to the truth.

You Are Whole, You Are Powerful, You Are Enough

Self-love, self-respect, self-empowerment. It's been my observation (and my experience) that these qualities are casualties of a toxic relationship. They are also the handrails we need to pull ourselves back up and begin our journey back to who we are. It is the lack of these qualities of "self" that zaps our courage to lean into the rough places and leaves us avoiding life and our emotions; essentially abandoning ourselves.

The Warrior Goddess teachings are part of my toolbox for helping you restore what you have lost. They are potent tools for learning to love and honor yourself with every fiber of your being, owning your power and your passion, and cultivating more joy and simple presence in your life.

They provide the antidote to the flawed idea that you are not enough. 

They are also the tools that helped me find my way back to me after a toxic relationship.

Based in Toltec Wisdom and sprinkled with eastern philosophies, and earth-based religions, Warrior Goddess is the blending of 2 qualities that, when we embrace them both, we begin a journey towards inner freedom and back to our authentic selves. By harnessing our Warrior energy, we reclaim our power and our confidence, gaining clarity. When we claim our Goddess energy, we restore our self-acceptance and self-respect, and listen to our innermost knowing.

It is in this way that we can learn to lean into life, self-heal, and reclaim our sense of self.

These teachings were so instrumental to my healing journey, I became a certified Level 1 Warrior Goddess Facilitator, trained by HeatherAsh herself. The Warrior Goddess teachings are one of the tools we will use to help you get free on the inside so that you can get back to who you truly are and and reclaim your sense of self.

Getting To Know You

If your soul is saying "Yes!" when you imagine yourself as a Warrior Goddess, it could be we are meant to work together. Let's find out!

Schedule a free Getting To Know You call where we will explore how I might help you embrace your Warrior Goddess power and find your way back home to you.