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Tackle the Tech

Create a simple web page, setup online booking for consults, & arrange to collect payments
with easy to use platforms while being guided & supported throughout the entire project.

It's like Home Chef for your business but
with the "chef" included!

​Working together, you will put the 3 basic systems in place to finally launch your business online.

  • A single-page website that helps your soul-aligned clients see themselves and what's possible for them through the work you do.

  • Online scheduling so you can easily book consults and sessions, complete with Zoom integration!

  • Online payments so you can easily collect payment in advance when a potential client says "yes!" to working with you. 

​When we're done, you will know how to use the tools you've created and make updates yourself! Best of all, these tools are easy to use and free to use or offer a generous free plan.

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Is this the right program for you?

Tackle the Tech is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Have a simple web page you can send potential clients to.

  • Make it easy to schedule consults with online booking.

  • Easily collect payment when a potential client says "yes" to working with you.

You have a sense of the work you want to do in the world but, may or may not be clear on your niche yet (or decided you even need one!)

You're a do-it-yourself woman who realizes you need a little support with the tech.


You also want control over the look & feel of your web page and you want to be able to make changes to it and your bookings & payments when you need to.

Benefits of this Program

Tackle the Tech is a unique program designed for you, the "do-it-yourself" soulpreneur who needs some support with getting the key systems in place to run her online business.

Save Time

No more losing time trying to figure things out on your own or waiting on friends to help you.

Save Energy

No more stress & overwhelm around which platform(s) to choose or how to actually set things up in a way that supports where you are in your business now.

Be in Control

Because you're the one creating your site, setting up your online scheduling, and creating checkout links, you get to make the decisions as you go.

Take Action

Navigate resistance by setting the schedule with actionable steps for each session and action items for you to prepare for the next session.

Gain Know-How

Because you will be "doing the work", you'll know how to update, expand, and maintain your online business platforms.

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Colleen Moore,
Ritual Gal

Before working with Cheryl, I had gathered some content for my website but didn't make progress beyond that. There was so much that I didn't know how to do, and I would lose lots of time trying to figure things out or waiting for times when friends could help with one thing here or there. It just wasn't getting done.

While working with Cheryl, I really loved having a timeline that I was accountable to. She explained the big picture first, and then walked me through each part of the process. I had specific things to work on between our sessions and she came prepared with templates and examples, and even got my webpage started for us to build out -- first together so I could learn, and then on my own.

Her approach is absolutely brilliant. She really knows her stuff, and she knows how to teach others.

That's what really made the difference for me.

After working with Cheryl, my business is running so much more smoothly! My website is up and way better than anything I could have imagined doing before. And I can easily update it whenever I want because Cheryl taught me how, instead of just doing it all for me.

And I also have an online scheduling system for clients and the capability for sending out emails to my clients and contacts. I had not even envisioned those elements before but I am so glad to have them. I feel empowered to use these tools and keep building on the strong foundation of digital content and systems I set up with Cheryl's help.

Working with Cheryl was one of the best business decisions I have ever made!

Image by Jr Korpa

What's Included

Basic Online Business System

Create a single page website, setup online booking, and connect to online payments so you can operate your soul-based business online.

Nine 60-Minute Sessions

During your sessions you will be creating your website, setting up your booking link, and creating checkout links; all while guided and supported by me.

Collaboration &

Get support with your messaging, naming your free consult, and creating the content for your website, as well as making key decisions for setting up your online booking & payments

Planning &

Set the schedule for your program, define your consult, identify tasks between sessions so that you can have a clear sense of what needs to be done when.

Helpful Worksheets

Fillable PDFs to guide you in writing your content, making important decisions about your online scheduling, and more.


Using Zoom's Share Screen feature, you will setup your online platforms while learning how to use the tools.

Are you ready to finally get launched online?

Having your basic onine business systems in place is an important step towards making your business a reality so you can get clients online. ​Book a FREE Your Next Steps Strategy Session where you will receive support with where you are now and come away with clear recommendations for moving forward with making your business a reality.

​And, if it feels right to both of us, we'll explore whether Tackle the Tech is the right program for you.

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FREE! DIY Website Blueprint

Create a simple, single-page website you can feel proud to share everywhere.

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