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The Unexpected Journey of the Soulpreneur

Does this sound familiar? One day you had what I have come to call The Rude Awakening. Things in your life had reached a critical point and you had a moment when you realized that whatever it is you were doing or whatever task that you were currently on was not what you were born on this planet to do.

Perhaps in that moment you also remembered who you are, and your path became clear.

Maybe that moment didn’t come to you until much later. (It wasn't until a year later that I remembered who I was.) Whichever the case may be, at some point you made that crucial decision to answer the Call to Spirit.

There is something intrinsically liberating when we shut out all the noise of society, the noise of our family, the noise of our tribe, and finally hear the calling of our heart. In that moment we are exhilarated, we’re excited, and our soul just says yes!

And so, in that moment, you took the first step back towards yourself; because you have to look inward in order to figure out who you are here to help, what you are meant to help them with, and how you are meant to help them.

Your heart is calling you home. And so begins what I call the Unexpected Journey of the Soulpreneur.

If you are being called to sacred leadership, then stepping into sacred leadership is your healing journey. - HeatherAsh Amara

The Healing Journey

In the first class of my Warrior Goddess Facilitator certification, my mentor HeatherAsh Amara shared a very important nugget of wisdom. She said that if you are being called to sacred leadership, then stepping into sacred leadership is your healing journey.

I remember very clearly how, in that moment when she said that my thought was “how beautiful is that?!”. There was a clicking of my mind and my soul and I became even more excited.

In my naïveté, I managed to interpret her words as meaning I was somehow "that much further along" in whatever path I was on.

What I didn’t understand until much later was that sacred leadership IS the healing journey!

I'd like to share with you an important and helpful perspective; also from HeatherAsh. The Universe or Spirit -- whatever word or name you call it — is not capricious. The Universe and Spirit are here to support you in fulfilling your purpose.

In that moment, when you answered the call to Spirit, the universe says ”YAY!, now here’s all the stuff that no longer serves you and needs to be cleared so you can get to where you're going & live your purpose.”

This "stuff" is your agreements (false beliefs) and the structures that hold them firmly into place. It's your tangled stories that are woven into the very fabric of your being, operating just beneath the surface and keeping you "safe".

Clearing out your agreements and unwinding from patterns & behaviors is a messy bit of business! The false beliefs and their structures served a very important purpose when you were growing up: they were placed there to keep you feeling safe. And the rational mind, or Ego as psychologist Carl Jung defined it, clings desperately to the uprights and crossbars.

Letting go of them is the journey of a lifetime. I promise you the journey is worth it!

Living From the Outside In

Most of us live trapped in structures that are not in alignment with who we are. Much of our suffering over the course of our lives stems from living from the outside in.

Choices made based on what we think we're supposed to do, or who we think we're supposed to be. The soulpreneur journey flips that around and guides you back home to who you truly are; free of plaguing self-doubt, self-criticism, and comparing yourself to some imaginary version of who you think you're supposed to be.

Free to be the woman you are meant to be.

But first, you have to journey through all of the messiness holding you back in order to get there.

Hi! I'm Cheryl Kane I'm a intuitive spiritual business coach who bridges the gap between technology & Spirit so women soulpreneurs can confidently grow their soul-based business online.

I believe that as woman soulpreneurs, being of service to others is our healing journey; and if we choose to embrace our journey, the gifts we need to support us are waiting along the way.

If you're a spiritual coach or energy healer who's looking for support you in bringing your gifts to the world, I would be honored to support you with a gift...


Your Next Steps Strategy Session

If you're struggling to get your soul-based business off the ground, it would be my honor to support you. Whether the obstacle is technology, fear of being seen & heard, figuring out how to get clients, or just not knowing where to start, during this 30-60 minute session you'll be supported with there you are now and come away with a couple of clear recommendations you can take action on right away to help you move forward in your business.

And, if I feel I can continue to support you, I may invite you to work with me. But there's no obligation to sign up. This session is my gift to you. 💟

You can grab a spot on my calendar below...

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