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The First 3 Things to Have in Place to Reduce Overwhelm & Get Your Business Started

As an aspiring coach or energy healer, it can often feel as though there is a huge chasm between your passion for sharing your gifts to support others and actually getting clients and helping people.

For most soulpreneurs in bloom, this empty space between your yearning to live a purposeful life and making your dream a reality is filled with a lot of unknowns, which fuel self-doubt and overwhelm.

That's why it's important to keep it simple in the beginning by identifying 3 key elements for any online, soul-based business that is offering the opportunity for change, healing, or transformation.

The 3 key elements are:

  1. Choose a specific group of people to work with and a specific urgent problem you can help them solve.

  2. Decide on a single offering (service).

  3. Determine your rate.

Putting these in place will give you a simple foundation upon which to start putting yourself out there and offering sessions.

This will give you the opportunity to start serving, earning, and learning!

From there, you can let your business grow & evolve as it's meant to, while you grow and evolve as a coach or energy healer—and human!

Let's take a look at each of these individually…

1. Choose a specific group of people & a specific urgent problem

This is what's referred to in the industry as finding your niche. I like to call it choosing a “passionate purpose".

Feels better, doesn't it?

By choosing a specific group of people and a specific urgent problem you help them with, you are making it easier for your potential clients to say "yes!" to themselves by saying "yes!" to working with you.

Think about it this way; if your basement was flooded and you couldn't find the source despite your best efforts, would you call a handyman? Or would you call someone who specializes in mystery leaks and basement flooding?

Narrowing down the field of people you are trying to reach is also good for your nervous system.

If you are feeling activated by the prospect of putting yourself out there & working with people you don’t know yet, the prospect of reaching out to EVERYONE, in hopes of reaching SOMEONE can exacerbate the problem.

When you know who you are calling in, and the urgent problem they are looking for support with, it becomes much easier to create content, go live, and craft offerings that will call them in and have them saying yes! to working with you.

It will be easier to find your people!

A common objection I hear from my clients, colleagues, and potential clients is that they don't want to limit themselves or leave anybody out. And that's totally understandable! I like to look at this way: by choosing a passionate purpose, you're not drawing a line in the sand. You are simply placing your banner on the hill so that the Universe knows who to start sending your way. my experience often times she starts sending the people who need you, regardless of what the banner looks like.

What’s present for you after reading these words? Could choosing a Passionate Purpose help you get your business started?

2. Determine your offering: what will they sign up for?

Regardless of what direction you end up taking your business, be it 1-1 or group program, online or in-person (or all of the above!); being clear on how long your sessions are and whether you offer a single session, or a small package will go a long way towards being ready to put yourself out there so you can start getting clients.

Not only is this an important step in getting your business started, but it will also minimize fear & self-doubt. Yes, you may still have some trepidation around working with your 1st client, but you'll have one less unknown to sort out.

Less Unknowns = Less Resistance

Be sure to keep your offering REALLY simple and avoid what I can the "Spa Menu". Decide on how long your sessions will be and if you're going to offer more than just a single session at a time, I.E., a small package of sessions.

If you have multiple modalities, you'll benefit from focusing on the results then determining what modality will support your client best based on what they are bringing to the sessions.

I'm curious…are you having a hard time deciding on what your offering is?

3. Set Your Rate

This one may seem a little obvious. At the same time, avoiding this step can contribute to overwhelm. And the avoidance CAN happen.

If you’re nervous about putting yourself out there and getting clients, it’s easy for this to become a place where aspiring coaches & energy healers get stuck.

Until you know what you are charging for your time & gifts, it will be difficult to start getting clients; especially if fear & self-doubt are contributing to overwhelm.

Then there’s that pesky notion of receiving money for sharing your gifts!

Pick a number that you are comfortable receiving as well as saying out loud: "I charge $xxx for a XXX-minute session.

Once you decide on what you will be charging for your time, there is one less unknown to feed self-doubt & fear. You'll be just a little more confident around talking about what you do.

And you'll be that much closer to getting your business started!

Watch out for any money gremlins as you feel into your rate. There can be a tendency to fall back into scarcity mode and start creating different session lengths that will cost less for your clients "just in case".

How are you coming along with setting your rate?

helping aspiring coaches & energy healers finally get their business started

I am honored that you are traveling with me on this journey of sacred leadership.

It's my mission to make the prospect of having a business where you are supporting others and sharing gifts feel do-able by cutting through the noise to bring clarity on how to get your business started online, how to use Facebook to get known online, and how to help potential clients say "YES!" to working with you. 💃

If you're passionate about creating a business helping others but don't know where to start; and fear & self-doubt are getting in the way of figuring it out, I'd love to offer you a "Your Next Steps" strategy session as my gift to you.

You can grab a spot on my calendar here.

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