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I followed my dharma into the Dark and this is where it led me...

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

This is the 1st of a series of posts sharing the Spiritual side of my Soulpreneur journey.

There is medicine in the Dark

I have much to share with you, and it's my intention to do so over several posts, because it's A LOT of rich, yummy juiciness blended with some messiness too. You see, I followed my dharma into the Dark and found a rich store of medicine, wisdom, & healing.

It will at least be insightful & relevant, some of it vulnerable, and hopefully you will find it inspiring too. It's my hope that it will inspire youto prioritize the Inner Work as well as take consistent action towards your dreams.

It is also my prayer that in some small way, shining the light into my processes for navigating my Dark Night of the Soul while growing a soul-based business will deepen your commitment to your own Spiritual Awakening and/or growth.

And, in so doing I am following my dharma…and for the first time, I'm following it intentionally.

Woman standing next to her 18-wheeler
Me with my 18-wheeler Haley, a 1999 Volvo 770 with over 1,500,000 miles under her tires

However, when I sold my 18-wheeler (following a Clairaudient moment when my being called out "you're not meant to be a truck driver!"), I was following my dharma -- I just didn't have the word for it at the time.

Yet I KNEW IT IN MY BONES, that it was the next step for my soul's evolution. I handed over the keys and never looked back.

It was also the beginning of my Spiritual Awakening.

I was also following my dharma when, after 13 years in Texas (the one place I once vowed I'd NEVER live), I packed up my stuff for the 19th time in 15 years (YIKES!) and came to Boulder, CO -- a calling that had been ringing in my bones for over 35 years. Again, I didn't have the word for it at the time.

And, when I made the decision during this past Winter Solstice to take a 3-month sabbatical from my business and go intentionally into the Dark to heal, that too was my dharma.

I know that now.

At the time, all I knew was something needed to change. (More on that and connecting to the Dark in later emails ). I'd been in an extended period of contraction, while trying to get clients and grow my business.

I was also up to my neck in the Dark Night of my Soul.

Meanwhile, (for my sister astrologers) as Saturn entered Pisces, it came into exact Square with my 0 degrees Sagittarius Sun. Then, when Pluto entered Aquarius, it came into exact Sextile with said Sun. (more on that at another time as well).

I'd also been sensing for the past year a niggling feeling that I'd been going about things in the wrong way, or was on the wrong path, or something. I KNEW in my bones I was supposed to be helping people and yet, something wasn't quite right.

Still, I hadn't managed to slow down long enough, or turn inward enough to find out.

And so, I finally did!

woman in the sun in the mountains with snow
Taking in the healing sun in the mountains above Boulder, CO.

I committed to 3 months of prioritizing my healing, connecting with the medicine that can be found in the Dark as much as possible, and building my Reserves.

I went in purely on Faith: faith in my intuition, faith in the friendly Universe. Faith that on the other side, it all will have been worth it and everything will be fine.

It was the most challenging 3 months of my life. It was the most amazing 3 months of my life. It has been the most rewarding 3 months of my life.

I tapped into ALL the tools I've learned to get a lot more free on the inside. I discovered the magic and medicine of Qi-Gong and Sufi Dance.

I connected to and released Agreements (limiting/core/false beliefs), processed repressed emotions, and released Trauma that was trapped in my body.

There was A LOT of releasing!

And, on the other side of it (mostly - I'm still easing my way through the blooming process), I eventually discovered I have been following my dharma in my business, it was simply a matter of my aim being off.

This last is a key motivation for this post and its contents...

The Pluto transit has helped me reconnect with one of my core values which is Truth. It also lit up the part of me that is meant to lead by example. (Pluto in Virgo conjunct the Ascendant, for my astrologer sisters).

The Saturn transit has helped me see the places where I'm not being me, both in my life and in my business. (more on these two mentions in a later email).

And, as I deepen and strengthen my connection to Spirit, I am being called to serve on a deeper level, a more vulnerable level. To lead by example, to share MY truths, and be super vulnerable about my processes and my journey as a soulpreneur.

This means focusing on both the business and the spiritual, both in the work I do and my messaging. More than just teaching and coaching. But also sharing and baring (the soul), if you will.

It means letting go of a whole bunch of stuff on the outside that JUST ISN'T ME, along with nearly equal amounts on the inside.

It also means letting go of the life I've been creating as well as the business model I was working in.

I'll be going into more detail on much of what I've shared in this post over the next several posts.

For now I want you to know I'm still being called to support soulpreneurs in bloom, and I will still be working 1:1 with clients.

woman smiling in front of some books
A selfie I took on a particularly vulnerable day during my journey into the Dark.

Thank you for sticking with me through to the end of this post. I appreciate you being on this journey with me and I'm excited by where things are going.

This post is me taking the next step in following my dharma and I can breathe a whole lot better for having finally taken action.

I hope you'll stick with me on this next leg of my journey…

May you follow the calling of your heart,



PS: If you'd like to know more about dharma, or if you're curious about what lit me up around dharma, check out "The Great Work of Your Life" by Stephen Cope

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