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3 Keys for Reducing Facebook Overwhelm So You Can Get Known Online

I'm do YOU feel about using Facebook to promote your business?

When I talk to women soulpreneurs about using Facebook to get clients so they can grow their business online, they often share that they don't like social media, or Facebook feels too overwhelming.

I know just how overwhelming it can be! When I sold my 18-wheeler to create a new business, one that is in alignment with who I really am, I was totally confused about using Facebook to grow my business.

There was so much conflicting information, and much of the guidance on what to post, how often to post, and how to plan to post had me at the point of tears!

Then there was the paralyzing fear of being seen & heard and my already present love/hate relationship with Facebook in general.

I started spinning a story about how much I disliked social media and used that as an excuse to avoid Facebook altogether. Naturally, I found myself frustrated that I wasn't getting any clients and I began to worry about finances.

So I took a step back and looked at the things that were making Facebook feel like "too much" while asking the magic question: What is really important here?

I looked for the things that were blocking my expression and identified 3 places to shift my thinking so that I could move forward:

1. Ignore the algorithm...

In the beginning, it's more important to get used to being seen & heard. The gremlins of resistance love to find hooks to throw you off track. This algorithm thing is one of their favorites!

So don't worry about the algorithm - it's always changing anyway and there are a lot of variables in play that affect who sees your posts.

It's more important that you build up your "resistance muscle" and get used to creating, posting, and being seen & heard online.

2. Don't worry about when is the "right time"...

This is another hook for the gremlins! In the early stages, it's more important to focus on the content and getting used to delivering quality content. In many cases the right time depends on your audience. For example, parents of school-aged children tend to be on Facebook at times that corporate executives are.

Focus on what you have to say, play with Canva and spark your creativity. Just post, observe, and take notes, You'll start to see patterns and will get a feel for when is the right time for YOU to post so you can reach your audience.

3. Don’t look at it as "marketing"...

This last one might be the most potent of the 3 secrets because the term "marketing" spins up a lot of stories. You're growing a business with a soul-purpose and you want to create a meaningful life helping others.

There is a real disconnect for many spiritual coaches & energy healers between being of service and marketing. It feels like such a cold and impersonal concept - am I right?

Instead of thinking of it as marketing, look at is as connecting. Social media platforms began as a way to connect people.

Instead of thinking of it as marketing, look at is as connecting. Social media platforms began as a way to connect people. And, while they are making oodles of cash, their main purpose still is to facilitate connection and community. Facebook certainly lead the pack on this.

So, create your posts with the intention of connecting, informing, and serving. Invite people to share their thoughts, and let people get a sense of WHO.YOU.ARE.

Because here's the thing...until you choose a niche and find your voice, the algorithm and time of day really don't matter. If you happen to create just the right post and post at just the right time, if the content isn't resonating with you or your audience, it will fall flat anyways.

And that's it! At some point down the line, you will want to be more intentional with the types of posts and when you post them. But, until you have more information, trying to stay ahead of "the game" will just feed your gremlins & the minions of resistance.

In the meantime, find your voice, get comfortable with being seen & heard online, and choose a niche.

I'd love to hear how these 3 keys land with you. Stay tuned for more posts around using Facebook to grow your online business.

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