About Me

A Spiritual & Energetic Life Coach for  Soulpreneur Women

Three years ago I was an over-the-road truck driver with my own 18-wheeler, finally free of an emotionally damaging relationship and struggling with the difficult realization that being a truck driver was not my calling.


Now I help women soulpreneurs on their healing journey who just want to be of service to others but are feeling really overwhelmed by the difficult emotions that are coming up for them and getting in the way of them realizing their dreams.

Struggling With My Emotions

After I sold my truck and set out to help others, the Universe said "Yes! Now here's a bunch of stuff you need to clear out in order to do it!".


Suddenly I was drowning in unhealed wounds from my past as old traumas were being released. Anxiety was a constant companion as I sat to write, create, and figure out who I wanted to help and what I could best help them with. I just wanted to answer the calling of my heart.

Becoming An Artist of the Spirit

Over a period of about two years, through self-study, workshops, online courses, and my Artist of the Spirit coach training,  I learned ways to stop running away from my emotions so I could self-heal old traumas and move from anxious self-doubt, and a lack of trust in myself and my experience of life through to acceptance, self-compassion and self-love, and ultimately toward an innate trust within myself and a calmer more accepting way of being. One critical part of this process was the re-discovery of the Toltec teachings that returned me to a spiritual path.


Now I am able to truly enjoy my soulpreneur journey and I’m excited about where I’m going. I have a strong and healthy sense of self and my life purpose. Stuff will always be bubbling up because healing is a lifetime endeavor. But now I am able to stay with myself during difficult moments or times of struggle because I know how to process and release my emotions instead of running away from them. Most importantly, I have become my staunchest ally and very best friend.

My Coaching

An Artist of the Spirit

I am a certified Spiritual & Energetic Life Coach, trained through the Artist of the Spirit Coach Training program. This is a unique training program that not only trains in the traditional coaching methods laid out by the International Coach Federation, it also trains in the Toltec teachings as passed down by don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. 


The program was co-created by HeatherAsh Amara, an apprentice of don Miguel's, and author of several best-selling books steeped in this tradition, including Warrior Goddess Training and The Warrior Heart Practice.

A Spiritual Path to Inner Freedom

At the core of the Toltec teachings is the idea that everyone has a truth, a light within them. One that is beautiful, worthy, and important. Yet somewhere along the way we can lose touch with that part of ourselves, no longer living our truth and from our authenticity.​Instead, we become trapped by our limiting beliefs and stuck in old ways of being that no longer serve us.


The teachings also show us a way out and back to our authentic self. They help us to untangle from the coping strategies that keep us stuck and unwind our stories to eliminate suffering and find the truth. They guide us to be the artists of our own lives, living a life from choice instead of habit.

Tools for Real, Lasting Healing

As a part of this training program, we develop a full toolbox of practices that support healing, cultivate presence, and clear away the "noise" that keeps us from feeling empowered and living from our authenticity. We are expected to integrate them into our daily lives while also demonstrating our ability to facilitate these practices and energy work to lead our clients safely and effectively into themselves for deep, expanded growth and real, lasting healing.


These practices help my clients reset their energetic body and return to a place of stillness, while supporting them in processing & releasing difficult emotions, and breaking free of the past so they can be fully in the present and feel excited about the future.

Release painful emotions so you can breathe and feel like yourself again.


My Practice

How do you meet with your clients?

The dynamics of coaching work wonderfully over the phone, so this is how I work with my clients. It also allows us to connect regardless of where you live!

How is what you do different from therapy?

Traditional talk therapy focuses on “why”, which involves returning to the past. Neuroscience is showing that returning to the past reinforces the pathways in our brain created by the very experiences we are trying to heal from. 

As a Spiritual & Energetic Life Coach, I help you release difficult emotions by separating out the story from the feelings so you can heal. I help you clear the limiting beliefs and coping strategies that are keeping you stuck and giving away your power, without having to understand how or why they got there.

Together, we focus on the present and the future: where you are now, where you want to be, and how you're going to get there. 

How are you different from other Spiritual Life Coaches?

I am certified as an Artist of the Spirit life coach. This unique certification program is a rich blend of spiritual, energetic, and life coach training that provides a holistic and spiritual approach for supporting my clients in returning to a sense of wholeness and being in control of how they live their lives.


At the core of this training are Toltec wisdom and shamanic energy & healing practices. This potent combination provides a powerful framework for identifying and releasing limiting beliefs, processing and healing old wounds and traumas, and breaking out of the patterns that keep us stuck in our old ways of being that no longer serve us. We learn how to life from choice instead of habit.


I have full chest of tools that will support you on your healing journey and beyond. Tools you can weave into your daily life that are proven to promote self-healing, cultivate calm and presence, and activate lasting transformation.


I am also a certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator and Warrior Heart Coach. These certifications take the Toltec teachings a step further, focusing them on women's empowerment with actionable steps to support lasting transformation.

Is your program "one size fits all"?

Each of us is unique, as is our journey. We might have traveled similar roads, but our experiences, and how we moved through them, have shaped who we've become. We are also all at different stages.

The path of an Artist of the Spirit, which is my guide for you, is a spiritual path, an approach to life; not a 5 step solution to problem "X". Together we'll create a map to help you on your journey to where you want to be; with me as your guide for as long as you like.

While I specialize in helping women soulpreneurs who are healing from from their past, I can also help with emotional struggles in general, easing stress & anxiety, and developing positive habits or creating lasting transformation.

Do you offer single sessions?

I do! I offer single sessions for easing anxiety and releasing difficult emotions. During these sessions you can experience immediate relief from emotional pain and gain clarity around your situation and what your want to bring forward to support support you. This unique process for transforming confusion into clarity and pain into peace is the missing key for those of us who struggle with feeling trapped by, or stuck in, our emotions.

Untangle your emotions from your stories, and your stories from your truth, and then connect your truth with your intent. Connect to your intuitive heart to bring more clarity and peace into your life. Learn how to move from mental struggle to mindful serenity.

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