Feel Calm & Connected in Uncertain Times

Ready to quiet your mind and feel at peace?

Feel Calm & Connected in Uncertain Times will help you to quiet your mind and restore a sense of inner peace.

You're feeling anxious and stressed but you’re not really sure why. You’ve thought about meditating but can’t seem to get around to doing it or it’s too uncomfortable when you try.


Maybe you’re struggling to think straight, and your inability to focus is making it difficult for you to pay attention to the important things. Trying to just focus and get things done causes more overwhelm, so you end up distracting yourself with mindless activities.


The days of mindless numbing are catching up with you. You feel like life is slipping you by.

You're ready for things to settle down so you can get some peace.

You’re determined to get off the couch and get back to doing the things you love.

You're committed to taking back control of your thoughts and gaining a sense of control.

Do any of these sound familiar?


  • You often struggle to know what you’re feeling. You just feel off and weighed down.

  • When feelings do rise up, they scare you so you shove them down.

  • You know you need to let them up but you don’t know how.

I’ll help you take back control of your thoughts & feelings. You'll learn how to sit with your feelings and face them fearlessly, not judge them or push them away. You'll also learn how to identify the story that your subconscious mind is telling you that's causing the stress and anxiety. 

I will guide you through a beautifully simple and gently effective process for transforming confusion into clarity and pain into peace. As a certified Warrior Heart Coach, I have been using this process frequently during this challenging time to settle anxiety, ease loneliness, and stay connected to what I need to feel supported. I'm able to shift from mental struggle to mindful serenity.


When we're done, you will have more clarity and peace around what you are feeling and you will feel more deeply connected to your truth and feel empowered with clear action to support you.

As a direct result of this coaching package you will:


  • Get clear about what you're truly feeling, and why, so you can think straight again.

  • Connect deeply to your authenticity to uncover the truth and identify what you need.

  • Feel energized and motivated to get back to living life and doing the things you love.


And, as a special bonus, you'll have a simple and gently effective tool to support you

in these uncertain times and beyond.

This package includes:


Remembering the Connection

Within a couple of hours of signing up, you will receive an excerpt (pdf file) from the book that brought the practice into the world: The Warrior Heart Practice. These first 2 chapters will prepare you to get the most out of your session.


Intuitive Heart Session

During this 90-minute, one-on-one session I will guide you through a gentle practice to help you connect more fully to your emotions in a safe and loving way. You will feel held and supported while you witness your emotions without engaging with the stories that make them feel worse, then identify what those stories are. Guided by your intuitive heart, you will create ease and peace around your situation by seeking out what's actually true. Lastly, you will feel a renewed sense of peaceful purpose as you use your intent and the truth to view your situation in a new, healing light, feeling renewed, calm, and connected.


Checking In/Follow-Up

At the end of your session, we'll schedule a follow-up call for 3-5 days later to check-in with you, see how you're doing, and answer any follow-up questions around the practice and using it on it your own.


I will also send you a special sheet you can print out and use to help guide you in doing the practice on your own.


You can finally feel calm inside and I can help you create the peace you desire.

Are you ready to settle your thoughts and ease your anxiety?


Wonderful! Here’s how to get started:


Step 1: Book your session and make your payment securely through the button below.

Step 2: Within 2 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with the materials to prepare you for your session and a short questionnaire for you to complete and return prior to your session.

Step 3: Then we’ll hold your session and get you feeling at peace and feeling empowered to support yourself in these uncertain and challenging times.

If you have any questions, reach out through the Contact form or send me a message through the chat bubble.

Do you know someone struggling with scattered thoughts and anxiousness? Send them the gift of healing with a gift card for this package.

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