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get your website done

Finally, the answer to how to get your website done for spiritual women starting a soul-based business online.

It is possible to have best of both worlds by doing it yourself under the guiding hands of someone who gets you AND gets technology.

what's included

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who this is for

Get Your Website Done is perfect for you if you're ready to have more than a single page website, but unsure where to start. You have at least a sense of who your clients are and the urgent problem you help them solve.


You also want control over the look & feel of your website and you want to be able to make changes to your website yourself and expand on it over time. 

Not quite there yet but want something you can send potential clients to? I've got you covered! 


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Kashi A,

Tri-Yoga Instructor

I knew that I needed a new website. But the idea of creating one was daunting! Not having it was definitely a block in how I wanted to move forward with my business and I didn't know how to move forward. Even though I'm a teacher of meditation and yoga and help people to calm their stress and anxiety, this was really stressing me out! 


Cheryl's calming presence along with her technology know-how helped me immensely! There were a lot of little things that led to my success starting with the hand-holding that I needed in the beginning. As Cheryl walked me through the process, I gained more and more confidence and discovered that I could do this! 


There were moments when Cheryl would stop the screen share so that she could fully acknowledge my excitement at what I was accomplishing. This being seen and supported in this way was huge for that part of me that thinks she doesn't know what she's doing!


 The encouragement and support that Cheryl gave me was truly what she says she does, empowering women to stand in their power, offer our gifts to the world and be successful. Finally getting my website done has given me a strong foundation to continue to build from. I am forever grateful to Cheryl and to all that she offers .

Benefits of this package...

Get Your Website Done is a unique package designed with you, the independent spiritual entrepreneur who needs some support with creating a website for their business. 

save time

No more losing time trying to figure things out or waiting on friends to help you.

save money

The investment is less than 1/2 the average cost of paying someone else to do it.

be in control

Because you're the one creating your site, you make the final decisions

take action

Navigate resistance by setting the schedule with actionable steps for each session and preparations in between.

gain know-how

Because you will be "doing the work", you'll know how to update, expand, and maintain your site.

Are you ready to finally get your website done?

Book a FREE Your Next Steps strategy session where you will receive support with where you are now and come away with clear recommendations for moving forward in getting your website done.

And, if it feels right to both of us, we'll explore whether Get Your Website Done is the right package for you.