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Your Online Business in a Box

Create a simple web page, offer online scheduling, collect payments, get signups, and send emails with an easy to use, integrated system and no monthly fees, while being guided throughout the entire project.

It's like Home Chef for your business but with the "chef" included!

You're a spiritual woman growing an online business. You're learning all the different ways to get your message out so your ideal clients can find you and you're ready to level-up your online presence.


You want to:

Have a simple landing page you can send potential clients to.

Make it easy to schedule consults with online booking.

Collect payment in advance for your services and make it easy for clients to pay.

Grow your subscriber list and send newsletters, announcements - even automatic emails.

The only thing standing in your way?


The Tech!

stressful tech.jpg

Your eyes glaze over and your head starts buzzing just thinking about the tech.

When you do sit down to sort things out, there are too many options and you don't know where to start.

You've thought about hiring someone but you're unsure of who that "right person" is. The work you do is pretty "woo" and it's important that they get you.

At the same time...


You're ready to get online beyond social media and take advantage of what technology has to offer.

You want to be able to do it yourself and experience the satisfaction that comes with the accomplishment.

You want to be able to have control over the systems and not be reliant on someone else every time you want to update something.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You're worried you're losing clients because your business isn't "up with the times"

You don't like how the techy stuff makes you feel because you know you're a smart woman.

You want to avoid monthly fees and it's hard to figure out which free platform is the right one.

Hi! I'm Cheryl Kane, the Soulful Tech Genie. As a certified spiritual life coach, life-long teacher, and long-time geek, I help women soulpreneurs turn their tech woes into tech joy so they can grow their soul-based business online.


Working together (on Zoom), you'll experience the joy that comes from overcoming your fears and accomplishing your goal to bring your business online. You'll gain the satisfaction that comes from doing it yourself and have pride in what you've created.

When we're done, you will have your business online with a simple -- yet effective -- single page website, online scheduling, payment processing, and email marketing.


Most importantly, you'll know how to update and make changes as your business grows!


As a direct result of this package you will:​

Confidently tackle the tech to build your web page, setup online scheduling and collect payments, collect subscriber emails and send email campaigns.

Learn about common best practices for your website, scheduling, payment processing, and crafting emails. Get input and guidance on your copy and proof reading.

Feel empowered to handle the regular tasks of updating your page, your schedule, your prices, etc.

This Package Includes


Within 24 hours of completing your enrollment, you will receive a that includes a link to book your first (pre-paid) session. During this session we will:

Go over the package details, reviewing the work we will be doing together and the work you will do between sessions.

Create a timeline for completing your package and schedule the remaining 4 sessions.

We'll also look at the Appointments worksheet & make sure your are clear on your next steps.


Using your completed worksheet, we will create your sacred time bubble in Square Appointments. This includes:

Setting up the days & times when you will be holding consults.

Set the time slots during which appointments can be scheduled.

Create your bookable consult that will be linked to your webpage.

Setup your Square payment processing.

We'll also review the webpage copy worksheet to make sure you're clear on your next steps, which includes creating a test booking with yourself!


Using the web copy worksheet you completed ahead of time, we will create a single page website. Our focus will be to:

Create a free consult session linked to your online booking

All the while you will be learning how to use the website platform so you can expand your site and make changes when you are ready to.

Create the layout for the page & copy your content into each section.

Add the images you have chosen.


Get started with MailerLite; a simple to use, yet email marketing platform with a generous free plan.

Export your existing contacts and import them to get your subscriber list started.

Create your 1st template for sending Newsletters to your soon-to-be growing list.

Create a custom form and add it to your website so new subscribers drop directly into your list

We'll even setup a Welcome Email autoresponder for new subscribers!

Your Investment: $1497


During this last session, we will review everything we've done, with an eye for:

You are able to easily log into the the various aspects of your new online business.

You know how to navigate to your appointments and create a new appointment type.

You are comfortable making changes & additions to your website.

You are able to create an email campaign in MailerLite.

We'll also make sure we have completed everything listed in the Client Agreement.


Before I found Cheryl's program, I was stuck!  My head was swimming with ideas and thoughts of what could be done to get my online biz up and running, but I was doubtful of my ability to actually get them organized and out into the world.  With Cheryl's warm and wise way of offering insight and order to my dream of starting an online business (she really is the Soulful Tech Genie!), I was able to relax and realize that I COULD do it -- one thing at a time.


Now, from having worked with Cheryl, I have an email list, created a webpage and set up a booking calendar and payment gateway!!  I have "launched" thanks to Cheryl's Launch Pad Program, AND her incredibly helpful DIY guide to creating a simple webpage!  I followed it to the letter and created a super cool webpage that I can share EVERYWHERE! 


If you're wanting to launch online, look no further than Cheryl's Launch Pad program!  It will send you soaring!

Kristina, Multi-Passionate Soulpreneur


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