Get Launched Online







Your Online Business in a Box

Create a simple web page, setup online booking for consults, & arrange to collect payments with easy to use platforms while being guided & supported throughout the entire project.

You're a spiritual woman growing a soul-based business online.

You're learning all the different ways to get your message out so your ideal clients can find you and you're ready to level-up your online presence.


You want to:

Have a simple landing page you can send potential clients to.

Make it easy to schedule consults with online booking.

Easily collect payment when a potential client says "yes" to working with you.

The only thing standing in your way?


The Tech!

stressful tech.jpg

Your eyes glaze over and your head starts buzzing just thinking about the tech.

When you do sit down to sort things out, there are too many options and you don't know where to start.

You've thought about hiring someone but you're unsure of who that "right person" is. The work you do is pretty "woo" and it's important that they get you.

At the same time...


You're ready to get launched online and take advantage of what technology has to offer.

You want to be able to do it yourself and experience the satisfaction that comes with the accomplishment.

You want to be able to have control over the systems and not be reliant on someone else every time you want to make changes.

maria 3.png

Maria P, Astropsychologist

My sessions with Cheryl were very laidback and enjoyable! In just four sessions we got my landing page done, my booking setup, and clients can pay directly from my page. I learnt how to navigate the platform and I’m able to make changes according to my needs. All the while she was giving me great recommendations and suggestions, as well as being mindful about my own visions!

Do any of these sound familiar?

You're overwhelmed by the prospect of tackling this all yourself.

You wish you knew which platform(s) to choose so you can finally launch your business.

You're unsure online scheduling will work for you yet you know you want to offer it. 

Hi! I'm Cheryl Kane, the Soulful Tech Genie. As a highly intuitive empath, certified spiritual life coach, life-long teacher, and long-time geek, I bridge the gap between technology & Spirit for women soulpreneurs so they can realize their dream of an abundant life supporting others.

Working together (on Zoom), you'll experience the joy that comes from overcoming your fears and accomplishing your goal to bring your business online. You'll gain the satisfaction that comes from doing it yourself and have pride in what you've created.

When we're done, you will have your business online with a simple -- yet effective -- single page website, online scheduling for consults, and payment processing.


Most importantly, you'll know how to update and make changes to your systems as your business grows!


As a direct result of this package you will:​

Feel empowered to handle the regular tasks of updating your page, your schedule, and your prices.

Learn about common best practices for your website, scheduling, payment processing. Get input and guidance on your copy and have a 2nd set of eyes on your content.

Confidently tackle the tech to build your web page, setup online scheduling for consults, and collect payments.

It's like Home Chef for your business but
with the "chef" included!

This Package Includes


Planning is everything when it comes to building a successful webpage. Our goal for your 1st session will be to:

Go over the package details, reviewing the work we will be doing together and the work you will do between sessions.

Create a timeline for completing your package and schedule your remaining sessions.

Review the webpage copy worksheet to ensure your are clear on your approach to the content.

We'll dive in to building your webpage by creating the framework for your content.


Using the webpage content worksheet you completed between sessions, we will create a single page website. Our focus will be to:

Add the content you created on the worksheet.

All the while you will be learning how to use the web builder platform so you can expand your site and make changes when you are ready to.

Add the images you have chosen.

Customize the layout and design of the sections.

Setup Social Share image, Google description, and basic SEO settings.


Using your completed booking worksheet, we will create your sacred time bubble. This includes:

Setting up the days & times when you will be holding consults.

Determining the time slots during which appointments can be scheduled.

Create your bookable consult and add the link to your webpage.

We can also setup installment payment option, if you like!

Create one book & pay service for clients to pay for your package or single session.


During your last session, we will review everything we've done, with an eye for making sure:

You are able to easily log into and access the various aspects of your new online business.

You are comfortable making changes & additions to your website.

You know how to make changes & additions to your schedule, services, and availability.

You know how to access your payments information.

cindy barlow_edited.jpg

Cindy B, Animal Reiki Practitioner

I wanted a website for my Animal Reiki business online, but was completely frozen with overwhelm as to where to begin.  I am far from a “tech whiz”, and the prospect of trying to navigate the process on my own was daunting.


I was in envy of other soulpreneurs with their professional websites, but I couldn’t afford to pay a website designer thousands of dollars to do it for me, and even if I could, that would have meant giving up control over the design.


With Cheryl’s “Get Launched Online” package, in just 6 sessions together she guided me through the process of creating my own website, complete with a way for potential clients to book a free consult and stay connected.


The best part is, I did it myself!


It was a very empowering experience, and I have complete control over my online presence and the ability and know-how to go in and make changes as needed.

Cheryl was patient, knowledgeable, and very supportive. I felt like she was rooting for me and my business to succeed.  I am eternally grateful and very happy with my experience with her.”

I felt that she completely understood where I’m coming from as a soulprenuer and wanting to do everything completely authentically. I felt heard and understood which is very rare in her industry.


Book a FREE Your Next Steps strategy session where you will receive support with where you are now and come away with clear recommendations for moving forward in launching your business.

And, if it feels right to both of us, we'll explore whether Get Launched Online is right for you.