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fall in love with facebook

Finally…a simple strategy for attracting clients on Facebook that works!

It is possible to get known online in an authentic way without feeling salesy and doesn't involve stressing out.

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Stand Out Online

End the frazzled feelings invoked by Facebook! Get comfortable with this potent tool to reach your potential soul-aligned clients organically: 

  • Optimize your profile to take advantage of this free real estate to let people know what you do!
  • Create and/or optimize your business page so you are presenting your business in it's best light.

  • Create and/or optimize your Facebook group so you can call in the people you are meant to serve.

  • Learn a proven, heart-centered strategy for finding your potential soul-aligned clients so never run out of people to reach out to.

  • Learn how to use Canva to create cover photos, banners, & posts.

Are you new to using Facebook? I can also help you:

  • Learn how to get around Facebook and complete basic tasks like posting, scheduling, updating your cover photo, and more.

  • Get clear on the distinction between your profile, a business page, and a group.

If you're ready to fall in love with Facebook, I invite you to book a FREE, no obligation Your Next Steps Breakthrough Session so you can find out if this is the right package for you.

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It is possible to get known online in an authentic way without feeling salesy and doesn't involve stressing out.

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Facebook is a great resource for growing a soul-based business online.


There's a reason successful business academies include it as part of their client attraction modules.

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But many women soulpreneurs struggle with the idea of promoting themselves online because they're overwhelmed by all the talk of algorithms, ads, reach & engagement that they feel they need and don't entirely understand how to put it all together.

At the same time they can see the potential that's there and all the success stories of other women growing their business and realizing their dream of an abundant life helping others.


Whether you're an established practitioner taking your business online, or a soulpreneur in bloom, it IS possible to get known online without feeling salesy or spending money on ads, and have a good time while you're doing it!

Many of my clients have gone from dreading using Facebook to promote their business to actually enjoying using Facebook to attract clients in an aligned, heart-centered way that has them feeling really good about what they are doing and why.

Several have told me that after just a short time they're finding it way easier than they ever imagined.

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The perspectives they learned through working me have enabled them to shift from seeing posting to Facebook as a dreaded chore to an essential activity they enjoy doing daily so they can have a thriving soul-based business online.

This is why I created my Fall in Love with Facebook program.

In this fun & empowering program you will:

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Grow your network of potential soul-aligned clients so you can begin connecting with others in an authentic way.

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Learn a simple strategy for encouraging engagement and connecting with people so you can get known online.

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Create a client attraction plan that fits your schedule and where you are in your business and grow your confidence.

You will also ​optimize the free real estate available on Facebook to promote your business so anyone who is curious can know who you are and what you do and see the best you in your best light.

During six 60-minute sessions, you'll implement what you learn in real time, using templates to guide you, with coaching and accountability to help you Fall in Love with Facebook

You can also learn how to use Canva to create stunning posts, banners, and more.


Cheryl is an amazingly gifted coach. I made an appointment to talk with Cheryl about Facebook and how I could start using it as a platform to grow my coaching business and connect with people who could benefit from my services. Cheryl is a master of seeing what’s beneath the surface. Once we started talking, she realized that what I really needed to dive a little deeper into my niche before I launched into Facebook—and she was right! 


During my session I gained clarity on my niche but also how to use Facebook, in a positive way, to grow my business.


I cannot recommend Cheryl highly enough. Her warmth, understanding, expertise in coaching as well as all things technical is the complete package. I will definitely be booking Cheryl for more sessions.  

Catherine P

 It's time to get known online in a heart-centered way that has you feeling like you really
CAN grow your soul-based business online.

Are you ready to Fall in Love with Facebook?


Book a FREE Your Next Steps Breakthrough Session where you'll receive support with where you are now and clear recommendations on your next steps for using Facebook to grow your business. And, if it feels right to both of us, we'll explore what it would like like to work together so you can feel really good about using Facebook to grow your business.