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Get Clients Online

90 Days to Your First Client

A unique, 3-month program that incorporates it all: defining your business, setting up the only technology you really need, and how to get clients online, plus support with the inner-work that stepping into sacred leadership asks of us.

For spiritual coaches & energy healers who want to go from not making money to getting their first client but are struggling to get started.

Are you struggling to get your spiritual coaching or energy healing business off the ground?


There is a way to finally start making money doing the work you were born to do.

You really can get clients online in a way that is heart-centered, authentic, and doesn't feel salesy.

This is why I created the Get Clients Online program.

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In this program, you will:

  • Create a solid for business container so you can confidently offer your services & get clients.

  • Set up the only online systems you really need - including a single-page website - so you can book consults and get paid online.

  • Learn how to use Facebook to attract clients in heart-felt way that doesn't feel salesy so you can finally end that sense of "new client" scarcity.

  • Benefit from proven templates, scripts, & checklists that have helped my clients launch their business & finally get their first client.

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Over the course of twelve 60-minute sessions on Zoom, and using customizable templates, you’ll be launching your business and confidently offering free consults so you can get your first client and finally start making money doing the work you were born to do.

Benefits of this Program

Get Clients Online is a unique 3-month program designed for you, an aspiring spiritual coach or energy healer who needs some support with getting her soul-based business off the ground.

Get Set Up for Success

Determine who you help and the urgent problem they are seeking support with, Create your offerings and craft your consult so you can confidently let the world know you are here to help.

Tackle the Tech

Setup your basic online business systems with a simple webpage and online booking & payments so you can book consults and get paid. 

Get Your First Client

Learn my 4-step strategy for using Facebook to grow your network of potential clients and book consults in an organic and heart-centered way that puts you in control and puts a stop to new client scarcity.


I wouldn't be where I am today in getting my message out into the world without Cheryl's help. She has been much more than a tech genie but a soulful business coach in so many ways from encouraging me to raise my rates, create purposeful packages and help me created a website that clients tell me that they love. My business has flourished since I started working with Cheryl 2 years ago. She is the whole package!

Carolina Kerridge, Holistic Therapist

Are you ready to finally get your first client?

​Book a FREE Get Clients Online Private Coaching Session where you will receive support with where you are now and come away with clear recommendations for moving forward with making your business a reality.

​And, if it feels right to both of us, we'll explore whether Get
Clients Online
is the right program for you.

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Benefits of This Program

12 1-1 Sessions

We will cover the important aspects to set you up for success, including inner work, the building blocks of your business, setting up the only tech you need, and getting your first client.

Proven Templates & Scripts

Benefit from proven templates, scripts, & checklists that have helped my clients launch their business & finally get their first client.

Record Your Sessions

You'll be able to record your sessions so you can refer back to what's been covered, hands on training, and revisit important Aha! moments.

Get Set for Success

Create your sacred business container so that you can stay focused & confidently offer free consults and start getting clients.

Tackle the Tech

Setup the only tech you really need to run a soul-based business online including a single-page website, online booking, and payments.

Get Known Online

Optimize your Facebook presence, and learn how to get clients with my 4-Step strategy for finding clients on Facebook that not only works but is also fun to do! 

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