you CAN reach thousands of potential

soul-aligned clients even if you're "not good at marketing".

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Free Virtual Workshop

3 secrets for using Facebook

so you can feel

really good about promoting your business online.

Friday, July 16 at 11:00am CDT

(Recording will be available)


Facebook is a great resource for growing a soul-based business online.

There's a reason successful business academies promote it as part of their programs.

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But for many women soulpreneurs, the idea of sharing what they do online stops them in their tracks, or they don't feel comfortable with marketing.

Whether you've been dabbling in social media for a while, or just getting started, it IS possible to reach thousands of potential soul-aligned clients without feeling salesy OR being "good at marketing"!

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Many of my clients have gone from feeling paralyzed by the fear of being seen & heard to feeling confident about using Facebook to attract clients in an aligned, heart-centered way that has them feeling really good about what they are doing and why.

During this free interactive workshop you will:

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Learn my #1 tip for getting past the fear of being seen and heard

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Discover the truth about using your profile to promote your business

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Learn how to expand your reach on Facebook without spending any money

This is more than just a webinar! You will get to connect

with other women soulpreneurs and take action

on the tips you are learning.

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It's time to Fall in Love with Facebook so you can feel really good about promoting your business online