It is possible to get known online in an authentic way without feeling salesy and can actually be fun!

fall in love with facebook

Get Known Online

End the frazzled feelings invoked by Facebook! Get comfortable with this potent tool to reach your potential soul-aligned clients in a heart-centered way to book consults:

  • Optimize your profile to take advantage of this free real estate to let people know what you do!
  • Create and/or optimize your business page so you are presenting your business in it's best light.

  • Create and/or optimize your Facebook group so you can call in the people you are meant to serve.

  • Learn a proven, heart-centered strategy for finding your potential soul-aligned clients so never run out of people to reach out to.

  • Learn how to use Canva to create cover photos, banners, & posts.

Are you new to using Facebook? I can also help you:

  • Learn how to get around Facebook and complete basic tasks like posting, scheduling, updating your cover photo, and more.

  • Get clear on the distinction between your profile, a business page, and a group.

If you're ready to fall in love with Facebook, I invite you to book a FREE, no obligation Your Next Steps Breakthrough Session so you can find out if this is the right package for you.

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Delilah B,

You On Stage

I'm new to using Facebook for my business and was completely overwhelmed with everything.  I also wanted feedback on my website and to see if my offerings are clear.


You were kind and patient, spoke to me with respect and didn't talk down to me.  You were very knowledgeable and guided me through an enormous amount of information in a clear, easy to understand way.   You're a great communicator and I felt I could trust you.



I have a much better understanding of how to use Facebook to grow my business! I have a system and a sequence of action steps that is right for me at this time. I also have a trajectory and know where I'm headed when it's time for the next level. I feel much more relaxed about all of it!