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Free Online Masterclass


5 Keys for Using Facebook to Attract Clients Without Feeling Salesy

Two opportunities to participate!

Thursday, Jan 12th at 1:00p PT | 2:00p MT | 3:00p CT | 4:00p ET


Friday, Jan 13th at 9:00a PT | 10:00a MT | 11:00a CT | 12:00p ET

The #1 challenge facing new spiritual coaches & energy healers is how to get clients and especially where to find potential clients.


Facebook is a great resource for sharing your message and finding your people. There's a reason successful business academies promote it as part of their client attraction programs.

But if you're like many spiritual coaches & energy healers, the idea of marketing feels slimy because the work you do is so transformational and there may be a lot of confusion around what to post, when, & where.


There may be a lot of stories around Facebook in general, wrapped up in a nagging fear of actually putting yourself out there.


This can cause a lot of distress when you have a burning passion to make a difference in the world and earn a living while you do it.

Whether you've been dabbling in social media for a while, or just getting started, it IS possible to reach potential soul-aligned clients on Facebook without feeling salesy OR being "good at marketing"!


Many of my clients have gone from feeling paralyzed by the fear of being seen & heard to feeling confident about using Facebook to attract clients in an aligned, heart-centered way that has them feeling really good about what they are doing and why.

Which is why I've created this Masterclass.

During this 1-hour FREE Masterclass
you will discover:
Smiling Mature Woman with Gray Hair

My #1 tip for getting past the fear of offending someone or being rejected

Middle age with spiritual.png

Why you don't have to be good at marketing to attract clients on Facebook

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How to get more

 engagement with your posts

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How to grow

a warm audience in an authentic way

Confident Mature Woman_edited.jpg

The ONE thing that will make the difference in your results

Facebook Masterclass

Choose your preferred date and you'll be taken to the signup page


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You really can feel good about promoting your business online.

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