What We Can Accomplish Together



You CAN create a simple webpage to share with potential clients, get consults and grow your list!


From basic design to content, you'll watch your webpage blossom under your fingertips. If you haven't chosen a platform yet, we'll figure which one is the right one for you.

Does your website need a refresh? I'll put together a plan for you, based on your input, to address your concerns and provide additional insights based on my experience with, and my passion for, web design and information flow.

Landing Pages

Need a landing page for signups? In just 1 or 2 sessions we can have a landing page live on the internet to capture signups for your webinar, etc. We can even connect it to a Welcome email and setup a reminder email to go out automagically!

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Email Marketing

Getting your email marketing platform setup so you can nurture the connections you're making online is an important next step in growing a soul-based business online.


With a simple setup you can:


  • Easily capture email addresses through a custom form on your website

  • Automatically send an email to new subscribers thanking them for signing up

  • Quickly create landing pages to collect signups for your webinars & events


Not sure where to start? My favorite, free email marketing platform will do the trick - I know you'll love it!


Opt-Ins/Lead Magnets

Ready to grow your list with an opt-in freebie (lead magnet)? I can help you link your opt-in form to your email marketing and setup delivery of the freebie. We can also setup the automations for a nurture (drip) campaign.


Amazing support helping me to create things in my business I never thought I could because of tech freeze! I’m so grateful, she has not only reduced all my tech stress but has given me such valuable advice to help me take my business forward & help save me heaps of time with automations. Cheryl truly is a tech genie & working with her is such a joy!

Carolina K, Holistic Therapist


Online Scheduling

Simplify the process of scheduling a free consult (or paid session!) with online scheduling. Get help setting up your "sacred time bubble" so you can confidently share your booking link and not worry about surprise appointments.


Not sure which is the best platform for you? Let's discuss the options and help you decide!


Accept Payments Online

In today's remote world, it's important to collect payment in advance. Navigate the exciting moment when your potential client says "yes!" with checkout links or drop a link to an Invoice using templates. 


Do you have services where they could book & pay online?


Let's set that up!

Writing on a Notebook

I always come away from conversations with Cheryl with fresh business tech insights. If you are looking for clarity, strategies, and solutions from a soulful tech genie, Cheryl Kane is the real deal.

Linda L, PhD. 

Therapeutic Experiential Arts (T.E.A.) Coach


Stuck in niche soup or need help clarifying your messaging? Maybe you could use a sounding board for your ideas to help sort things out?


As a highly intuitive spiritual life coach, I help my clients cut through the fog and gain clarity around who they are here to serve. Let's shine the light on your unique message so your perfect soul-aligned clients can find you.


Are your tangled up in a platform or tool that has you frustrated and pulling your hair out (or even considering throwing in the towel!)?


Is G-Suite/Google Workspace not working the way you expected or need it to?


Let's talk! Schedule a free, no-obligation Tech Joy Clarity Call and get support with recommendations for your next steps into your Joy Zone.