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with Cheryl Kane

How to silence the voices of self-doubt & fear you so can grow a soul-based business and confidently bring your gifts to the world.

You're a spiritual woman who's realized your meant for something more. You're learning all the different ways to get your message out so your ideal clients can find you, and you're ready to live your life's purpose.


You want to:

Earn a living through meaningful work helping others transform their lives.

Create a life for yourself that is in alignment with who you really are.

Use your voice to share your message so that others can benefit from what you've learned.

Step out of the life you’re living into the unlived life within you.

The only thing standing in your way?


Resistance & Fear


"Most of us have two lives: the life we live and the unlived life within us.

Between the two stands Resistance."

Steven Pressfield from "The War of Art"

You know in your being that you're meant for something more, but a part of you is terrified to actually step into your calling.


You think about "going live" and the fear of not being good enough often stops you in your tracks.


The thought of client-getting activities often leaves you feeling overwhelmed. As a result, you're not filling your calendar with consults or paid sessions.

At the same time...


You're ready to own your voice and step into your power.


You're excited to shine your light and be a transformational leader for others.

You’re determined to let go of what's holding you back so you can confidently bring your gifts to the world.

So often, our fear of failure keeps us from succeeding. A Warrior of the Heart embraces failures, mistakes, and mishaps as fabulous learning experiences. Mistakes are the best invitation for harnessing your buried creativity. If you can face each mistake as part of a larger game,

you’ll discover the joy of “try again!”

- HeatherAsh Amara, author - The Warrior Heart Practice

Do any of these sound familiar?


You're worried you won't be able to deliver on what your clients need.

You're afraid no one will like what you're offering or resonate with your message.

You wonder why you can't just let go of the fear so you can do what you were born to do.

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Hi! I'm Cheryl Kane. As a certified Warrior Heart Coach, I support spiritual women who are wanting to grow a soul-based business but struggle with nagging self-doubt and paralyzing fear around being visible & using their voice. I help them connect to their own inner-knowing and align with their true nature so they can confidently bring their gifts into the world.


I'll help you turn courageously towards your self-doubt and fear so you can identify the false belief that is holding you back. You'll learn how to connect with your heart's wisdom so you can anchor into what's actually true.

You'll also learn how to harness the power of creative intent so you can begin the sacred work of coming back home to who you truly are and confidently step into your soul's purpose.

When we're done, you will have more confidence and feel more comfortable around moving ahead and using your voice. You will feel more deeply connected to what you know to be true and feel empowered with clear intent to support you as you step into your power and do what you were born to do.

As a direct result of this coaching package you will:
  • Feel more grounded and certain of your place in the world so you can move forward with confidence and clarity.

  • Be more comfortable using your voice and sharing your message so your ideal clients know you’re here to help them.

  • Know how to anchor to the truth to dispel doubts and fear so you can do what it takes to grow your soul-based business.

This coaching package includes:


Part 1: Remembering the Connection

Within a couple of hours of signing up, you will receive a Welcome Email from me that includes a link to your 1st step in this program. This video, "Remembering the Connection", explores an important framework for working through our self-doubt and releasing false beliefs.


Taking the time to watch this video will lay the foundations so you can get the most benefit from your session. It also frees up our time together to focus on you.


Part 2: Your Warrior Heart Session

During this 60-90 minute, one-on-one session, I will guide you through a gentle practice to help you forge a bond with your inner-knowing so you can connect with your deepest truth. You will feel held and supported while you explore the emotions & stories connected with self-doubt so you can unearth the false belief that's causing so much fear.


Lastly, you will use this new-found connection to your intuitive heart to identify what quality will best support you as you continue the sacred work of clearing out the false belief. When we're done, you will feel more confident and empowered to use your voice, share your message, and do the things you need to do create the life you want to live.

Part 3: Becoming a Warrior of the Heart

Identify the core strategy holding your false belief(s) in place so you can release the patterns and behaviors keeping you stuck. You will also learn ways to unwind from this core strategy so you can deepen your connection with your authentic self to stay grounded in the calling of your heart. 


Lastly, you will learn a simple trick for applying your new knowledge so you can feel more confident and empowered to navigate the fear and uncertainty of growing a soul-based business.

Part 4: Checking In/Follow-Up

At the end of your session, we'll schedule a follow-up call for 1 week later to see how you're doing and answer any questions around core strategies and using the Warrior Heart Practice on your own.

You will also receive a worksheet to support you in doing the practice on your own and access to the recording of your Warrior Heart Session.


You can finally chase away self-doubt and step into your power.

Are you ready to get started?

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  • Risa G

    Relationship Coach for Women in Mid-Life

    I was struggling with not feeling good enough, worrying that I was going to be inadequate. I felt plagued by lot of "what if's", that I don't have anything to say that's really going to help anyone. What if I can't deliver? This created a lot of fear and resistance for me, so much so that I could not even do the work to promote and grow my business. I really felt stopped in my tracks. 

    After my session I could feel there's been some healing and clearing out of old patterns and false beliefs. I feel like that part of me that was wounded and afraid is more integrated and a part of me now so that I can continue to clear it out. Now I feel more confident and comfortable around moving ahead and using my voice.

    The Warrior Heart Practice is such a helpful framework to go in and unravel some deep patterns and beliefs. It helped me forge a bond with my inner knowing to help counteract old patterns and beliefs. It's become my go-to tool to use when fear & self-doubt come up. I can go back to the truth I've uncovered - it's a really powerful things to remember what's true.

    Cheryl is such a beautifully skillful guide. She kept me grounded and held the vision and space for the work. The grounding meditation, her voice and energy really facilitated the process. She is rock solid. I felt held and safe in her solid container.

  • Carolina K

    Holistic Therapist

    New  Zealand

    I arranged for a session with Cheryl as I was struggling with an issue around "speaking my truth" and knew that the root of this lay in a past event.


    Cheryl guided me & held me in a safe space to explore this, taking me through the "The Warrior Heart Practice" to help me release & resolve an old trauma of the past surrounding this issue.


    I felt very held & supported by Cheryl throughout the session. By the end I felt a real sense of lightness, being free of my past & more connected to my true self than ever before. I felt a whole new confidence in speaking my truth & have since arranged a series of workshops with no sense of the old fears coming up about speaking.


    I feel very grateful to Cheryl for her love, support and encouragement to find my voice once again!

Are you ready to get started?

Click here to find out how.

  • Dr. Linda L, PhD

    Expressive Arts Therapy

    I booked a session with Cheryl because I was struggling with a sense of purpose and clarity. I wasn't being able to achieve the level of success that I thought I was capable of.


    Now I feel empowered to explore my "agreements" and understand how they have impacted my choices. I also know how to dismantle them in a health way and to be able to replace them with something that serves my place in the world.


    The Warrior Heart Practice gave me the opportunity to explore my agreements in a safe and structured way that allow me to control the speed and depth of my experience. It has also helped me to create an anchoring intention that has shown up repeatedly to support me since our session.



    Cheryl is a warm and caring guide who has expertise in moving individuals through the chambers of the heart to connect to what we know is true. She monitored my experience, allowed me to lead the process, and remained very away of my emotions and how they contributed to my story and helped me to find my truth.

  • Summer G

    Licensed Yoga & Massage Therapist

    I signed up for a session with Cheryl because I was really struggling to manage my financial health and well-being. I felt a lot of stress holding me back. I'd get really overwhelmed whenever I'd think about sitting down and sorting out my finances or getting my business affairs in order. I was worried about wasting money and wanted to run my business better, but the more I tried to apply myself the more overwhelmed I got.

    During my session, I felt supported and safe to be vulnerable. Cheryl guided me through an insightful and effective tool for clearing the thing that was holding me back.

    Now I feel more grounded, confident, and able to get a handle on what I need to do when the stress comes up. 

Are you interested in working with me?

Wonderful! Here’s how to get started:


Step 1: Book a 30-minute Connection Call to ask any last questions and sign-up if it feels right to you.

Step 2: If you sign up, within 2 hours you’ll receive the Welcome Email from me within with the video link for Part 1. You will also receive a 2nd email with a link to a short questionnaire for you to complete and return prior to your session.

Step 3: Then we’ll hold your session and get you feeling more confident and empowered to navigate the fears & resistance around owning your voice and stepping into your power.

If you have any questions, reach out through the Contact form or send me a message through the chat bubble.


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