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Get Set for Success

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Welcome to your Online Content Hub for your Get Set for Success program! One of the biggest challenges new spiritual coaches & energy healers face is figuring out how to even get started. You have a passion in your heart to make a difference in the world and now that you have chosen your path, there are WAY too many unknowns and it can be hard to even move forward. Whether you're newly certified or forging your own way, creating a sacred container for your business will give you a solid foundation to stand on while you get used to putting yourself out there, sharing your message, and learn how to turn potential clients into paying clients. Many of my clients have followed my signature system to help them get their first paying client. This is why I created the Get Set for Success Program. In this program, you will discover how to: >> Create structure for yourself so you can stay on track with your goals >> Clarify your messaging you so know who you are calling in to work with you >> Set your rates and create a package that supports your clients' goals & your business. >> Create an introductory offer that's easy for potential clients to say yes to >> Hold a free consult that cultivates trust, builds credibility, and gets you clients Through online content, proven guides, and videos (coming soon!), you'll finally get your business started. I'm excited to be sharing this valuable content with you and to see you soar!



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