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"I didn't think it could be this much fun!"

Ellen W 

Get Clients Online

3-Month Program

This unique group program is for spiritual coaches & energy Healers who want to go from not making money to getting their first client, but are struggling to get started. I'I will be offering it several times a year. Can't wait until the next round? I offer it as a 1:1 program as well.

Tackle the Tech

Quick Solutions 2 Pressing Problems

Create a single-page website, setup online booking for consults, & arrange to collect payments with easy-to-use platforms while being guided & supported throughout the entire project. Learn how to use Facebook in an authentic way that doesn't feel salesy and works!

Business & Spiritual Coaching

Confidence, Clarity & Collaboration

From niche clarity to getting past the fear of being seen & heard (and everything in-between!), there is a lot to navigate as a soulpreneur in bloom.. When you have a solid container for your business, you can confidently offer free consults and getting clients.

A Bit More About Me

Musician, Astrologer, Motorcycle Rider

I am fortunate to have been born into a military family (although I didn't always feel that way!) I lived on 3 continents and traveled to 27 countries before I turned 21. A large chunk of which I did on my own at 18, after completing my freshman year of college in Munich, Germany. One of more memorable trips included backing packing to Machu Picchu, during a 2-month exploration through South America.

After my jaunt through Europe, I returned to the US, landing in Santa Cruz, CA. It was here that my spiritual journey began. Santa Cruz is a spiritual, musical, and alternative world-view mecca. And, at the ever-curious age of 21, I dove right in. I discovered Eastern Philosophy (including Taoism, by way of "The Tao of Pooh"), rediscovered my passion for playing music -- this time on the guitar and for others (I grew up playing classical piano), and discovered the amazing sense of belonging that comes from being a fan of The Grateful Dead (aka Dead Head).

It was a grand time of musical and spiritual exploration and belonging.

I finally settled down (mostly) around about my Saturn return and spent the next 17 years learning how to be a mom to my amazing son. During that time, I also found a