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Be Brave Online

Step out of the patterns & behaviors keeping you in fear so you can use your voice with confidence & step into your power.

Own your voice, share your gifts

Self-doubt and the fear of being seen & heard online are common struggles on the journey of the soulpreneur. And, learning how to navigate them so you can realize your dreams is part of the work that is being asked of you.

Through Be Brave Online you will learn how to:​

  • Anchor into the Truth so you can quiet the voices of self-doubt.

  • Connect to your courageous heart so you can confidently use your voice.

  • Unwind from your patterns & behaviors that are sabotaging your goals.

Working together, you will chart a course to your authentic self so you can bring your gifts to the world.

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Is this the right program for you?

Be Brave Online is perfect for you if you're ready to bring your gifts to the world, but struggle with showing up online.

You have a deep desire to help others create the change they haven't been able to accomplish on their own.

You may or may not have a sense of who you help and/or the urgent problem you help them with.

You're determined to find a way to move through fear & self-doubt so you can do the work you were born to do.

Benefits of this Program

Be Brave Online is a unique program designed for you, the woman soulpreneur who needs some support with actually getting out there and sharing her gifts.

Save Time

Stop losing days to procrastination and overhwhelm so you can make progress towards your dream of making a difference in the world.

Save Money

No more spending money on yet another credential or certification. Get to the root of your fear so you can work with it in a productive way.

Save Energy

Learn how to manage your time & your energy to reduce overwhelm so you can show up more fully in your business.

Take Action

Navigate resistance with actionable steps between sessions and accountability so you can feel like you're making strides towards your goals.

Feel Empowered

Through a rich blend of Toltec teachings, shamanic energy work, and ancient wisdom you will feel empowered to travel the path of sacred leadership.

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Cindy Barlow
Animal Reiki Practitioner

The old story of you're not good enough sneaks it's head in there every now and again but it I no longer feel punched in the gut when it does.  I understand that it's just part of the process  I have a better grasp on how to handle it when it does comes up. I realize and acknowledge that it's not going to vanish or disappear, but that it's a process of clearing out, it's cyclical and peeling of layers.  I feel better equipped to handle and navigate the fear and self-doubt when it arises.

I'm more conscious of how I'm spending my time and It's much less frequent that I get lost in scrolling Facebook and spend an evening on the couch. When I do it's from choice and not mindless.  Overall I feel equipped to navigate this journey of stepping into my purpose.


What's Included

Six 60-Minute Sessions

A potent blend of spiritual coaching & energy work so you can show up more fully in your business and in life.

Action & Accountability

Identify specific places in your business that need attention while also cultivating new a new relationship with fear & self-doubt.

Supplement Resources

You will receive access to online training videos & content to deepen your learning that you can access anytime.

Are you ready to confidently step into your purpose?

​Book a FREE Your Next Steps strategy session where you will receive support with where you are now and come away with clear recommendations for moving forward & sharing your gifts with the world.

​And, if it feels right to both of us, we'll explore whether Be Brave Online is the right program for you.

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