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A Journey of the Soul

From geek to truck driver to soulpreneur...


Even though I ran a profitable 6-figure trucking business on my own, and I'm the former Technology Trainer for Logitech, when I sold my 18-wheeler to become a spiritual coach, I fell flat on my face.

I was overwhelmed by how much there was to learn, technology had changed so much it felt like I was starting over, and every day I was pushing through paralyzing fear & self-doubt that often brought me to tears. It all made me feel really stupid and almost threw in the towel.


I really didn’t want to go back to working for someone else, I loved the freedom of being a business owner and the calling of my heart was so strong! I KNEW I was meant for something more and I didn't want to give up on my dream of creating a new business where I was sharing my gifts and making a difference in the world.


Then one day it came to me: if I want to work with people directly, then the only thing that matters is connection.

In that moment, the noise quieted, and my path forward became clear. So, I put a basic system in place to run my business, got support with how to actually get clients, and figured out how to truly connect with my potential clients online in a way that feels heart-centered and authentic.


Today, I have a profitable business once again, helping other spiritual coaches & energy healers like me get their business launched online so they can start making money doing the work they were born to do. And, most mornings, I wake up with consults & clients on my calendar and deposits in my bank. While my business is still growing, it has allowed me to finally relocate to Boulder, CO  --  a place I’ve wanted to live for over 30 years.


So, even though I’ve come a LONG way, I’m still so present to the struggle that so many spiritual coaches & energy healers wrestle with every day. And that’s why I do the work I do…I don’t want anyone to struggle with making their business a reality. I want them to be able to earn a living while making a difference in the world doing the work they were born to do.

Training & Certifications

Steeped in Toltec, Buddhist, Taoist, and Earth-Based Wisdom

Supporting the 2-Fold Path of the Soulpreneur


Spiritual & Life Coach

I am certified by the Artist of the Spirit coach training program. The training is grounded in Toltec Philosophy and psychology (as taught by don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements), which has a unique and particular insight into the psychology of human dynamics.  The Toltec teachings & practices allow us to unweave lifelong fears and struggles - mentally, physically and energetically - for much deeper healing and transformation.


Shamanic Energy Coach

My Artist of the Spirit training includes shamanic energy work and healing. From supporting my clients to become more centered, stable, & grounded to clearing old, heavy energy, emotions, and blockages from their body, these potent tools support the inner work that's required of the soulpreneur in bloom. These tools are part of my regular practices to support me as I continue to navigate the 2-fold path of the soulpreneur.


Warrior Heart Coach

I am a certified Warrior Heart Coach & Facilitator, trained by HeatherAsh Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training. The Warrior Heart Practice is a potent tool for connecting to and releasing the things that no longer serve you and are getting in the way of you living the life you want to live. Working with a guide can facilitate deeper healing and internal shifts to help you claim your place in the world. This tool alone has helped me clear out old emotions and false beliefs so that I can step into my authentic expression.


Warrior Goddess Facilitator Level 1

You Are Whole, You Are Powerful, You Are Enough. 
The Warrior Goddess teachings are potent tools for learning to love and honor yourself with every fiber of your being, owning your power and your passion, and cultivating more joy and simple presence in your life. They provide the antidote to the flawed idea that you are not enough. They have been instrumental in my journey to stepping into my purpose and I use them in my work with my clients.

Are you ready to finally get your business off the ground?

​Book a FREE Your Next Steps Strategy Session where you will receive support with where you are now in your business journey & come away with clear recommendations for moving forward with making your business a reality.

​And, if it feels right to both of us, we'll explore what it might look like to continue working together.

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